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The best story I have seen was not one of losing, but of winning.Perhaps the World Baccarat Association (if it actually exits) needs to hold a summit to re-evaluate the implementation of the game because this seems to be where casinos are making their big errors.But maybe, you make them realize about their addiction and change their lifes for good.My boss told me he comes in every couple of months or so, and that he usually had more.Usually the ones playing small limits have the biggest flip outs as they are normal people, with lower incomes, or addicted and need their rush.Starting with almost nothing, I made almost $500,000 gambling with. This is a story of luck, hope,. I lost most of my investment profits and was down to about.He had three people attending to him at all times, bringing him special Russian vodka they imported just for him, painkillers or whatever else he wanted.He took my dad aside, talked to him, brought me in, and said he would pay for my entire college education anywhere I could get accepted.

The gambling prowess of poker phenom Phil Ivey is fairly well known.Figuring that too applied to Roulette wheels, he set out to find a wheel that had a bias.

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Within three years, her turnover at the casino was apparently 6 million.Stories about lottery winners suffering serious despair after cashing in abound.Like a right of passage, gamblers live to compare their tales of triumph and woe.The two guys pretty much were going to kill him unless they got all the money out of him.I found out later the owner skipped Las Vegas with a very large (6 figures or more) gambling marker.

This exchange happened in Cantonese so the other English-speaking employees had no knowledge of the request.

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I was standing next to the table because he had tens of thousands of dollars on him and we were keeping him from being interrupted by other patrons while he was playing.

But hardcore blackjack players who will only play blackjack, never any other casino. but all the money will be lost. The smart blackjack. Stories of blackjack.Any casino that is worth anything puts their carpet down either in squares, or cut it into squares after so they can quickly remove stained patches.

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He told me it was the first and last time he was ever coming to a casino and he was smart enough to know what was going to happen if be stayed.Transportation giant FedEx employs 290,000 people around the globe.He would play the float and use it to pay his staff and settle at the end of the year for considerably less than what he owed.He had about 350k left when I showed up for my shift, and had 4 reserved games to himself.He never gambled another dollar and went on to be a real estate mogul.I was blown away that he lost more in a quarter of an hour than what I would earn in the next 10 years.

Have Morgan Freeman (because duh) play a Medical Examiner who finds a man dead in an apartment with a single gunshot wound to the head - but no gun.Addicted to Gambling - A Horror Story. Average amount spent by a punter during one visit to a UK casino. £50350: Average amount lost in a visit to a Las Vegas casino.

He never thought I would walk out on the bet, and that i did the right thing.The players noticed the cards were not pre-shuffled and kept coming out in the same pattern.After a wild night I came in at 4 in the morning though, and he did the same thing.

I never thought she spent that much and she was always well-dressed and spoken.A minute later the sales manager gets a call and immediately pages all sales staff not with customers, service personnel, and porters to the desk.John Daly tells TMZ Sports. he was able to calculate his gambling losses during a 15-year casino binge thanks to tax returns that showed $90 MILLION in...As any of us would do, I told him to run and never come back.Then they could have staff that guide you to the exit for 20 bucks plus tip.But when people consistently lose they start raging at the dealers hardcore.The amazing thing is that after authorities found him out, the man was allowed to leave the casino (and the country) with the money.Gambling Addict: A true, personal story from the experience, I Lost Everything In a Blink of An Eye. Ok.well I will start this story off with me(30 yr.So generally, old school Asian gangsters knew it was a game, new money from Eastern Europe and the Middle East seriously wanted to win (mostly, I think, because they were laundering the money and wanted some return.

I worked security for three years and saw one person play a couple of hands because his friends were making fun of him.My brother was on a cruise with his wife when the casino announced they were closing. (Or his wife wanted to go to bed.He was just lying to himself in order to rationalize being able to play.Suburban mother lost. said Clarence had reached out to her organization to share his story,. doesn't find it easy to talk about how gambling slowly.On the reels in the middle there are little notches that tell the machine what the reel lands on.Every time she would get low on funds, she would make a phone call and some sketchy dude would walk up with another 50k taped in a brown paper brick.Eventually a pit boss came over to escort him away from the table, at which point he burst in to tears pleading with the man incoherently.