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Well, one of the mods must have felt the discussion was about to get too heated and perhaps out of hand.The magnets did a *LOT* better than I expected, but the acceleration or deceleration pulled the stack apart. Slot car traction Holding down a car cover!.By the way, verify proper motor performance on a power supply or on the track.

The same Baxter, the one that never ran Retro before, the one that never ran inline before.

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You are forgetting about the placebo effect with slot car motors.WET PROCESS BREAK-IN PROCEDURES FOR SEALED-CAN MOTORS 1. PURPOSE. To Maximize electrical contact.

I have zapped magnets with slugs, without slugs, with arms as a slug and there was no difference on the gauss readings.If posters to this thread can allow those who hold opposite views the courtesy of their opinions, the thread will stay open.

One and done motors. now more to the myths of zapping magnets.ho slot cars - Tyco ho slot cars. STORM/P3 NEO MOTOR MAGNETS.OUT OF STCOK ! $30.00: MHP51B. STORM NEO TRACTION MAGNETS. $25.00. MHP40B: P2/P3 NEO TRACTION MAGNETS.I have a technique I use to tin the tabs with a low level of heat.1/64 SCALE TJET Bodies ITEMS ARE BRAND NEW. Neo magnets Glue on the bottom. ThunderJet 1958 Plymouth Fury (Auto World Exclusive) Slot Car Price $18.99. Screw.Here is the new Wizzard Storm Extreme neo traction magnet HO scale slot car. This race car out of package is capable of 3.5 second lap times on the 60.I sent back to TDK the magnets I charged and TDK reported they were ONLY 90% saturated and that was zapping with a steel slug and the magnets in the can.I just gave him not only the info that I received when I asked the same exact question, but also the physics behind it.slotcar, slot car, slotcars, slot cars, model car racing, slotcar motors,Koford Engineering, Koford.

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So the armature is not a good conductor of magnetism in the first place.

What PdL is saying that you might need one of these to pull off a re-zap of your F7 motors.Magnets can make a big difference in the way a slot car performs, both in terms of speed and handling. Upgrading magnets is one of the best ways to improve the.GRRR 2016 GT Coupe and Stock Car Champion and Overall Champion.This is why I recommend the use of clips, themselves soldered to the lead wires.


I have run clips I made myself over the past 5 years and never had any trouble.Simple: because the copper fingers holding the brushes will attempt to twist themselves under severe heat that the temperature of an iron and melting solder will often bring.Typical ceramic zappers will restore original strength, but NOT reverse these magnets.Crow Neo PIR; Crow TLC-360 PIR;. BBL Slot Drop Safe Electronic; Yale Slot Drop Safe;. Saunderson Security 3 Schenk Rd Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal.

I said that it was getting hot and it has never gotten that hot before so I knew something was wrong.Send one out to Sonic and get Phil to zap it for you, he has a zapper the size of a clothes dryer and it will reverse a Subaru.AUTO WORLD CHASSIS N PARTS. Don't see Green up in the URL. Neo magnets Glue on the bottom. Want to know more about what parts go where on your slot car?.

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BUT, when I tried to bring it back up to original readings, it would not do that.

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I think they are about twice the cost of a regular over the counter FK mill.Are you able to tell the difference between Neo and ceramic slot car motor magnets by physical appearance? I've seen craft store Neo and ceramic magnets.I think that most are getting the wrong idea about Zapping F7 motors, It can not make the magnet any stronger then its original strength.In other words take a brand new motor. run it one or maybe two heats and check the temp of the motor after both heats.With typical ceramic motors, both D and C size cans, the magnets are readily overpowered by the zapper, so that you can either restore original strength or reverse the field entirely.

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